Greetings Mississippi Sorors and Sigma Family

It is indeed my greatest honor to serve as your Mississippi Area Coordinator for the 2016-2020 sorority years. Together we elevated Sigma in the Magnolia State under a threefold goal. Chapters throughout the state were able to successfully “Retain, Reclaim and Retrain”sororsthat resulted in the visible growth of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority on our college campus and within our local communities.

We set a Goal. We made it a Reality. We remainedOptimistic. We went into the 2018-2019 sorority year with a Willful mindset. We urged others to continue to watch the Magnolia Poodles G.R.O.W.We are now in the process of building a TOOLKIT that will sustain our Sigma family into the next year". 

Our new goals are to build our Sigma family and continuously create a visible presence in the state of Mississippi. We are embarking on new charters, building our affiliates and building community partnerships. From Philos to Rhoers to Rhosebuds, the work of Sigma Gamma Rho will result in our Sigma family being present in the K-12 settings both in and outside of the classrooms.

Community service is at an all-time high. Continue to log those hours so we can leave our paw prints on the 2022 centennial community service goal. In our efforts to secure enough signature to have a SGRho license plate, we are almost there. Soon they will see Magnolia Poodles coming and going all over the state. I encourage you to continue doing the work, continue meeting the mark and continue being the Magnificent Magnolia Poodles that you are.

In Sisterhood and Service,

Jacqueline Certion

Mississippi Area Coordinator

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