Gracious Greetings,

My Bahamian Sorors, Philos and Rhoers it has been my uncommon privilege and honor to serve as your Area Coordinator for the 2018-2020 Sorority Year.  Despite the fact that The Bahamas is small, numerically and geographically speaking, the impact of our reach has been felt throughout our small archipelagic islands.  From Grand Bahama in the north to Mayaguana in the south we are spreading the word that Sigma Gamma Rho is here to stay.

The tenets of Sisterhood, Scholarship and Service which under-pins our great organization has long been the driving force that propels sorors and affiliates in The Bahamas today.  The unique position in which we find ourselves has caused us to literally “think outside the box” in order to fulfill our mandate by tailoring national projects to meet local needs.  These projects have been successful and we are especially proud of our Swim1922 initiative.

Hurricane Dorian served to remind us of the power of community and that we are all interdependent.  We were also reminded of the importance of the Swim 1922 initiative because for the first time in our history our neighborhoods were flooded by the ocean. Many lives were lost because individuals could not swim or did not have life vests.  Swim 1922 must be an imperative for The Bahamas.  Each home should be equipped with a life vest for each member of the household.  As we forge ahead, Let us remember that we are our “sisters’ keepers” and not grow weary in doing the best we can to improve the lives of those around us. We must set the pace in saving valuable lives for the future.  This is simply the Sigma way!

In service

Elcina L. Duncombe

The Bahamas Area Coordinator

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