Greetings to the Alabama Sorors, Philos and Rhoers,

To my Alabama Sigma family, this has been a great time being your Area coordinator. Sorors, Philos, and Rhoers you all have made great strides in this state that were abundant and progressive. It is my belief that together we have elevated and embarked the essence of Sigma in a way greatly noticed from each corner of the state during my 2018-2020 tenure.Each of you have made me so proud to serve and I encourage you all to continue to finish the fiscal year strong.My charge to each of you is to keep your vision simple, be deliberate with your programming and grow this family through greater service, greater process.

Goals were in place during my tenure that I want to thank you all for helping the state to achieve and exceed. Great endeavors were made with the number of Philos and Rhoers footprint in the state which has us moving in the right direction. We hosted the regional conference in Montgomery, Alabama which turned out to be one of the largest the region has ever had. There were several graduate and undergraduate chapters that were recognized as being ruby chapters and as of now we have met the state’s goal of reactivating sorors. Lastly, we have undergraduates from our state who participated in leadership development opportunities and have represented us greatly to become the future leaders in our Sigma family. 

Thank you again my Alabama Sigma family for all you have done and let’s continue being the shining example that would have others wanting to be a part of our family.

With Gratitude,

Kuwanna Moore

Alabama Area Coordinator

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