• 22 Dec 2018 11:59 PM | Anonymous

    Thanksgiving Pack and Play

    With the help of the Tennessee State University students and staff, the community, and past and present members of the Alpha Beta Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., the Alpha Beta Chapter was able to supply 75 Thanksgiving baskets to families in need. We asked for money donations and collected food, baskets, basket wrap, ribbon, and created personalized notes to create the baskets. Each basket cost $12 to make. We also prepared a Thanksgiving meal for the Chapter and all of the volunteers to eat so we could fellowship and enjoy ourselves, after packing the baskets.

    The items that were included in the basket were:

    To make the packing go as quickly as possible, we formed an assembly line on both sides of the table and organized the food in sections. The beginning of the line handed baskets and the end of the assembly line wrapped the bags and put the ribbon and note on them. The event was very successful and people had an amazing time. We were able to help those in need and create relationships with organizations in the community.  The baskets were delivered to Cumberland View affordable multi-family apartments, located in the North Nashville community.

    Here are some pictures from the our event...enjoy!!!


  • 22 Dec 2018 11:50 PM | Anonymous

    Vision 22: A Vision Board Workshop

    Christmas is a wonderful time for family bonding and remembering the birth of Jesus Christ. However, it is a great time to set your goals for the new year. A Vision Board Workshop is a great event that gives college students the opportunity to create vision boards and share their visions that they have with the group. It’s a very simple and easy event. All you need is:

    • Magazines

    • Construction paper

    • Glue

    • Glitter

    • Scissors

    • Table Cloth

    • Refreshments

    • Speaker system

    Create several workstations with the supplies needed and offer refreshments to each group throughout the course of the event. Also, play music and games to liven the room and help persons to be inspired. At the end of the event, take a group photo and allow persons to socialize with each other. The Sigma Chi Chapter hosted this event and we had a great turn out. Everyone enjoyed it thoroughly and left feeling inspired with their vision boards.

    A group of people standing in front of a crowd posing for the camera Description generated with very high confidence

  • 22 Nov 2018 12:56 AM | Anonymous

    Omicron Gamma Chapter

    Georgia State University

    “3P Plan ”

    Are the events you’re having seem to be rushed, ill prepared and have small turnouts. Let me help you with the 3P plan for Fool proof events. The 3P plans is Pre-Plan, Prepare, and promote! The key to successful events is the power behind preparation.  But how to start planning and when to start planning. Most schools allow a week for each organization to have exposure. Use these weeks to your chapter’s advantage. I will give you 8 tips to lead in preparations of this exposure.

    1. Plan the semester before!

      1. If you know you will be allowed a week the following semester use the semester before as a starting time for planning

    2. Pick a Theme Before the Semester ends

      1. The week should have a theme that is fun, current and relatable

      2. Themes such as ( Tv shows , Movies, Music albums with anything that can be relatable and not played out)

      3. Played out themes include but are not limited to – Military themes , Queens, Around the world, African themes

      4. Think out of the box- use ideas that orgs are not using on your campus, Ideas that haven’t been used in years and Things that can be easily executed.

    3. Create a list of event ideas to vote from

      1. Events should be linked to them and intriguing

      2. Events should be realistic with your campus ( don’t think too big or too small)

      3. Week events should include at least

        1. One promotional event ( a plaza event or somewhere tabling about week events to come)

        2. One social event

        3. Two events that relate to Sorority projects/initiatives

        4. Fundraiser

        5. One event involving outside speaker

        6. One Community service

    4. Vote on events and make develop a plan using an Event proposal model

      1. Event proposal should include and answer all applying questions

        1. Event title and detailed description of the event:

        2. Perspective Date and two alternatives:

        3. Time and two alternatives:

        4. Location you would like to hold the event and two alternatives:

        5. Detailed perspective Budget (what will you need item by item and from where would you like them to be purchased) :

        6. Purpose of the event:

        7. Organization / speaker collaboration:

        8. Organization / speaker contact:

        9. Organization / speakers role in the event (please be as descriptive as possible):

    5. Send all events to advisor for approval on budget

    6. Reserve all the spaces you want as soon as possible to avoid last minute scrambling

    7. Create Flyers with events theme in mind

      1. Should have a week flyer of all the events and flyers for each event

      2. Flyers should include

        1. Week theme ( with a twist to make it relate to the sorority)

        2. Catchy name

        3. Details that can be edited later on

        4. APPEALING captions with hashtags

        5. Eventbrite tickets if social event to get a head count for turn-out

      3. Flyers should be done at least a month in advance of the events so that you will be able to promote at any given time (it is ideal to create flyers as soon as events are approved.)

    8. Promote Promote Promote!

      1. Promotion should begin at least 2 weeks before event week

      2. Promotions should include but not limited to

        1. Handbills

        2. Card/ party sized flyers/handouts (of the week flyer with all events)

        3. Social media blast (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, GroupMe)

        4. Email blast by institution

        5. Dorm storms

        6. Personal invitations to other orgs on campus (non-Greek, scholarly)

        7. Promotional videos (that have been approved by advisors)

    Once you have completed these tasks for each week, you can focus on small details and create a foolproof plan to attack each event. This will give you a time to allow Sorors to sign up for task and allow you to promote to receive the Exposure you will need and desire. Remember The 3P plan allows for successful events and less stress on sorors who are prepared.

  • 22 Nov 2018 12:52 AM | Anonymous

    Sigma Chi Chapter (Nassau, Bahamas)

    Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

    Project Cradle Care Gift Basket/Box

                    A gift basket is a perfect gift for a Mom-To-Be on your University’s campus. Choose Mom-To-Be on your campus as a service project and gather items for a gift basket that will make a soon to be mom’s day! If possible, find out the sex of the child so that the basket can have a theme. Not only will this be an awesome surprise, but it fits into one of Sigma Gamma Rho’s national initiatives.  “Project CRADLE Care” is a prenatal education and resource program that seeks to improve pregnancy outcomes in high-risk communities by increasing the number of women of childbearing age who receive adequate prenatal education and prenatal care and who better understand proper infant care and child development. So what are your first steps?

    In the gift basket, you can include:

    1. Baby clothes

    2. Baby Food

    3. Diapers

    4. Pamphlets on Prenatal and Postnatal care

    5. Baby toys

    6. Maternal clothing

    7. Baby wipes

                       Then, write a note to the young lady/ladies from your chapter. This will not only show the young lady that you care , but it also fulfills the mission of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

  • 22 Nov 2018 12:48 AM | Anonymous


    A perfect treat for Courtyards, Fundraisers, Festivals, Events, AND MORE!

    Prep Time: 10 minutes

    Total Time: 10 minutes

    Yield: 10 cups of popcorn


    8 cups of popped popcorn

    2 cups of mini marshmallows

    1 cup of salted caramel chips

    1 ½ tablespoons for coconut oil

    ½ cup of Reese’s Pieces

    ½ halved Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Cups

    ½-1 teaspoon of course ground sea (table salt works as well)


    1. Line a large sheet pan with parchment paper or foil.

    2. Stir together the popcorn and marshmallows in a large bowl.

    3. Place the salted caramel chips and 1 Tablespoon coconut oil in a microwave safe bowl. Heat for 30 seconds and stir. Add the additional 1/2 Tablespoon coconut oil and stir again until melted and creamy. Pour over the popcorn and stir until everything is coated.

    4. Dump the popcorn onto the prepared pan. Sprinkle with half of the candies and sea salt. Gently toss and move the mixture around. Add the remaining candies and sea salt to the top. Place the pan in the refrigerator for 5 minutes. Remove and break into chunks.

    5. Pack in blue and yellow baggies!

    *We made a batch with M&M’s and pretzel pieces for people with peanut allergies. *

  • 22 Nov 2018 12:42 AM | Anonymous


    By: Stephanie Brinkley, Esq., Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. – Southeastern Region Legal Advisor

    From the “Greek Sings” of the early 1900’s to the modern day stroll-off, step and stroll exhibitions have become centerpieces of the Greek landscape. Although many Latin, multicultural and non-traditional dance teams have adopted forms of step in their routines, the National Pan-Hellenic Council continues to be the leader in advancing and protecting this cultural art form.

    Here in the Southeastern Region of Sigma Gamma Rho, we have found great success in using step and stroll shows as a platform to highlight our unique style, talents and history.  More specifically, our teams have confidently secured “Ws” (and notoriety) all over the country by ensuring the following elements are in their performances.

      When your team hits the stage, it should be clear from your appearance that Sigma Gamma Rho is about to dominate!

    • Embrace the gold in your costuming.

    • Wear shoes with a safe, but loud heel and sole (i.e. no combat boots…not only are they not aesthetically pleasing, but rubber soled flat boots are not loud on any stage).

    • Wear breathable, but controlling undergarments that keep everything in place.

    • Make-up and hair should be neat (if wigs are worn, make sure they are secured).

    • If performing in a large stage show, consider brightly colored make-up and accessories.

      Nothing loses an audience’s attention faster than a video that does not connect with the theme or is poorly executed.  And every step mistress dreads the possibility that when her team hits the stage the music won’t play. Avoid audio-visual missteps.

    • Do not over rely on a video to make your theme make sense.

    • Make sure your music and video are high quality. If budget and time permit, use a professional videographer or music studio

    • Be sure to have multiple copies of your video and music on multiple mediums (e.g. saved on a flash drive, stored in a cloud-based tool and saved on a DVD).

    • Select songs that will connect with your audience, and that do not include profanity, racial slurs, or degrading or sexually suggestive lyrics (I am told that we make somewhat of an exception for Shake That Monkey…however, this officer is still reviewing the lyrics. #SideEye)

      Remember, this is a performance! Showmanship counts. Seize the opportunity to be (reasonably) over the top and sell Sigma to the crowd (haters included).

    • Work on facial expressions and talking parts as a team. Consider practicing in front of a mirror.

    • Remind team members that if they mess up, they must smile and keep going.

    • Perform for the people in the very back of the room – make sure your movements are large, your words are clear. Represent Sigma boldly!

    • If a stunt is not coming together, a chant is lackluster or a cane routine is sloppy, take it out of the show! Only present show elements that are of high Sigma quality. If in doubt, take it out. Either the step/stroll mistress can make the call, or decide as a team.

    1. U-N-I-T-Y

    • When you get on stage, you should look the same in costume and in movements.

    • Step and stroll shows can be stressful on even the most experienced teams. If there is a conflict, work through it. Your team will be made stronger by your ability to bounce back from a moment of tension.


    • Do include the overall theme of the show in your presentation (e.g. if the show’s theme is “Embracing the Legacy” think of a unique way to add this to your presentation).

    • Do include history about the Sorority.

    • Do not use the show as a place to degrade (or even mention, for that matter) any other organization. It’s not about them…it’s all about the Royal Blue and Gold.

    • We are well known for The Sigma Lean. If your team can execute this confidently, safely and precisely, help us strengthen our brand by putting The Sigma Lean in your next show.


    • Avoid practice distractions – do not invite inactive sorors or special guests to your practices.

    • Set reasonable practice dates and times, and avoid last minute date and/or time changes.

    • If someone cannot make it to multiple practices, consider whether or not they will be show ready in time and make adjustments as needed.

    • Run your step or stroll performance full-out several times (e.g. full energy, doing all moves as you will on show day). This will test your team’s endurance to get through the entire show without stopping.

    • A few days before the big show, do a full dress rehearsal where all costume pieces are worn, music and videos are used, and props are in place.


    Building a step team is a great way to boost Chapter morale and build lasting Sigma relationships. No matter what the outcome of the show is, keep your team members close and use this as an opportunity to connect.

    • Plan to eat together before and after practices and shows. And uplift each other through the sometimes long and challenging practices.

    • Only practice in secure places with appropriate lighting and security (e.g. on-campus rooms). Practicing on public streets or garages where this is heavy traffic is not recommended.

    • Undergraduate teams – Invite your grad chapter members to your final dress rehearsal to watch your show.

    • Invite Sorors to the performance. Give ample notice and details on how to buy tickets. Always thank Sorors for their support and invite non-financial Sorors to reactivate and come home to Sigma.



    # # #

  • 22 Nov 2018 12:39 AM | Anonymous

    First and foremost, I bring to you greetings from the “Glamorous and Fly” Gamma Xi Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. The poodles here at Florida Memorial University work diligently together on recruiting new members and working hard for the good Sigma. We are big on living by the principles, “Sisterhood, Scholarship, and Service.”

    Right after making their special presentation to the campus, the neophytes of Spring 2018 began working by giving back their service. Their first community service was at the “Million Meal Pack.” The event is put together by the Miami Dolphins and AARP. The objective of the event was to pack over 1 million meals to be delivered by U.S. Hunger to adults in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. The volunteers were able to pack 1,017,504 meals. I found the event to be very enjoyable and entertaining. One thing about giving back your time, is the joy you find in it!

    The event began with thousands of people in an assembly line. We combined ingredients and nutrients to make the meals. The best part about the event was competing with the other tables to see who would make the most meals within the time span. We also got the opportunity to engage with players from the Miami Dolphins team.

    It was definitely a pleasure knowing that we helped fed thousands of people within the community!  

  • 22 Nov 2018 12:32 AM | Anonymous

    Tau Xi Chapter

    Georgia Southern University

    Sweetheart Raffle

    Things You Need: raffle tickets, prizes (TBD), possibly posters, possibly raffle permit

    The Set-Up

    With the Tau Xi chapter being a freshly chartered chapter, we needed to have a great campus breakout event. What better way to show the campus what Sigma Gamma Rho is about than by showing them one of our community service initiatives. To do this we paired with the brothers of the Lambda Upsilon chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity (TKE) to execute what we named “The Sweetheart Raffle”. We partnered with this group of men because cross-council partnership is something the Tau Xi chapter was really interested in spearheading on our campus. They were also a smaller organization interested in expanding their image on campus, like us, so we figured that we could work together to reach our chapter goals and donate to a great cause. To begin the project, our chapter basileus sent an email to their chapter president extending an invitation for his chapter to work with us on a joint community service project, to which he enthusiastically responded and set up a time for a planning meeting.

    Why the Sweetheart Raffle?

    We began planning this event in January 2018. As a chapter we wanted an event we could implement successfully and quickly. Someone came up with the idea of a date auction, which we weren’t all in on. From there, the idea of a Valentine’s Day raffle emerged. Buying Valentine’s Day gifts can get expensive, because you want to show your significant other just how much they mean to you. That’s why we decided to raffle away possible Valentine’s Day gifts. The prizes were meant to function as an impromptu gift for someone to give their sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.

    The Planning Meeting

    In attendance at the planning meeting were both chapters’ presidents as well as their community service chairs. At this meeting, we discussed the potential prizes for the raffle, necessary precautions, and advertisements.

    Prizes and Prices

    Both parties agreed to give away a total of four prizes to our college community. The second, third and fourth place winners received a teddy bear paired with a $50 Visa gift card. The gift card price was determined based on the relative cost of dinner and a movie for two. The first place winner received the grand prize which included a box of the finest chocolates from Z-Chocolats which were directly imported from France, an $85 value.

    Prices and Money Collection

    The total cost of all the prizes was just under $250. Since this was a joint service project, our chapters split the intended costs of these prizes equally. We also agreed to sell each raffle ticket for $5. Our goal was to sell 100 tickets, bringing in $500, leaving each chapter with at least $250 to donate to the March of Dimes. To collect money, we accepted cash, CashApp and Venmo. When planning events like this, it’s important to have multiple means of payment. I find that students usually pay with mobile banking like CashApp or Venmo, while adults favor cash.


    Neither of us had the campus social media presence for our main advertising efforts to be pushed through social media. Because of this, we decided our primary advertising method would be to jointly table at a central location on campus. For us, this is what our campus calls “the Rotunda” as it’s where most organizations will host their tabling events or fundraisers, because it is a high traffic area for students heading to class.  

    We decided to table everyday from February 1 - 12. This time frame was chosen as it gave us time to have repeated and extensive exposure to the students on campus. The drawing was done on February 13, because the intention for the prizes were for them to function as Valentine’s day gifts. During this tabling period, our chapters each had a representative jointly table at the Rotunda during the weeks leading up to the drawing. Though this was our primary mode of advertising, we also created a flyer to share and promote through our chapter, personal and council accounts. Sidenote: You can also use tabling as a way to promote your social media. When participants purchase their ticket, invite them to watch the drawing on you social media then provide them with it.

    Chapter Participation

    Even though the presidents and service chairs were a part of the planning process, all chapter members were expected to contribute to its execution. We created a shared Google Sheet with TKE and had everyone sign up for shifts to table during the day. Each chapter member was also tasked with selling at least 5 tickets, through tabling or personal interactions. We calculated that if each chapter member sold at least 5 tickets, them we could easily reach our goal of 100 tickets. (Our chapter had 13 members; TKE had a little over 20)

    The Drawing

    We did the drawing on February 13, just in time for the winners to present their new gift to their Valentine! We broadcasted the drawing on each chapter’s Instagram Live, to build the suspense for the raffle participants. At the end, we thanked everyone for participating and announced that we had met our goal of raising over $500. Then we contacted the winners to set up a time for them to claim their prizes. At the times they claimed their prizes, we took pictures with them and posted the winners receiving their prizes on our social media.

    Precautions and Things to Consider

    Before you hold a raffle, check your local/state laws surrounding it. To hold a raffle in the State of Georgia, you need written permission from your county sheriff. This meant that we had to fill out a form stating our intent for the raffle and receive the signature of the county sheriff. The brothers of TKE handled this part of the preparation. According to them, this whole process took about 10 minutes as the sheriff’s office had all the paperwork they needed to fill out and was really helpful.

    When people purchase raffle tickets, be sure to have them write their name and number on the back of their ticket so that you have a way to contact them if they win!

    The Takeaway

    As a newly chartered chapter, this was the Tau Xi chapter’s breakout campus event. Tau Xi benefited from the collaboration in the following ways. It was an invaluable experience to be able to work closely with an older chapter on campus to see the process of how to implement a successful Greek, campus-oriented event. As a chapter, we knew that the Lambda Upsilon chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon had successfully held raffles before, and this was an event planning experience that we were eager to learn. We were also able to gain knowledge about the Interfraternity Council and Lambda Upsilon chapter’s operations which we in turn used to reflect on utilizing within our own chapter. With the history of Greek life being centered around friendship, through brotherhood and sisterhood, through the completion of this event, we definitely found newfound friends in each other.

    Overall, this event was an amazing success as it allowed both organizations to heighten their on campus presences, learn from each other, and make friends in each other all while supporting an incredible charity organizations. The total amount raised was over $500, which we donated to the March of Dimes under our respective chapters and organizations.

  • 22 Nov 2018 12:25 AM | Anonymous

    Vegetarian Southern-Style Collard Greens

    With today being Thanksgiving, try this healthy alternative recipe! Collard greens are naturally fat free, cholesterol free, low in sodium, low in calories, a good source of calcium and fiber, and an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and folate. Most southern recipes for collard greens call for either smoked meats or salt pork, which can add more sodium and fat to the dish. This holiday season, we’re kicking that extra sodium to the curb!

    Cook time: 1 hour 20 mins


    • Vegetable oil

    • 1/2 small yellow onion, diced                          

    • 3 cloves garlic, minced

    • 2-3 cups vegetable broth

    • 1 teaspoon Applewood smoked salt

    • 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes

    • 2 lbs. collard greens, leaves only, rinsed and chopped

    • TT black pepper

    • TT hot sauce

    • TT vinegar

    (TT- to taste)


    1. Coat a large deep skillet or pot with vegetable oil

    2. Sauté onions until almost tender, over medium heat

    3. Add garlic

    4. Cook until onion and garlic are fragrant, about 2-3 minutes

    5. Add in vegetable broth

    6. Season broth with smoked salt and red pepper flakes

    7. Taste and adjust seasonings, if needed

    8. Bring broth to a simmer and reduce heat

    9. Add in collard greens (Greens will wilt down as they cook)

    10. Simmer for 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. Do not boil.

    11. If desired, add in more smoked salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, hot sauce, and/or vinegar.

    12. Enjoy!

  • 22 Oct 2018 3:36 AM | Anonymous

    You are the Brand!

    Our social media timelines are inundated with impeccably dressed, faultlessly poised, and perfectly captured photos of members across the D9 family. We are both awed and annoyed by their seemingly mastered art of photography. Angles, lighting and outfits always on point. Greeks and non-Greeks are drawn in to their post, click like, and follow the hashtag. Do they wake up like this? No. They have simply become experts at promoting their brand.

    Sororities and fraternities are always recruiting. Social media platforms are expected to be used to promote positive images of the organization. Your social media post should be intentional and calculated. Think: Would this post increase interest in Sigma Gamma Rho? The turnout at your next informal rush is a direct result of your marketing and branding efforts. The work you put into perfecting your image, marketing and branding efforts will pay off in increased membership.  

    We have the resources that you need to work on improving your image and branding. Take time to review “Sigma Style: Image & Style Guide” and “Social Media Policy” with all the information you needed to know for effective branding and responsible social media use as it relates to upholding our brand standard.


    Tips to Social Media Success:

    1. Be intentional – have a purpose posting that is linked to a chapter goal, event, initiative or to garner interest.

    2. Establish a Social Media committee to develop a social media / branding plan.

    3. Assign the Epistoleus or Webmistress to manage the site(s).

    4. Take, retake the picture until everyone portrays the sorority in a good light.

    5. Post with the intent to recruit.

    6. Always post with a hashtag - establish common hashtags to use in all chapter social media posts

    7. Use your social media accounts to show what being member of Sigma Gamma Rho is all about. Emphasize the positive aspects of sorority life. Be sure your spelling, grammar and hyperlinks are correct.

    Each chapter should use social media intentionally and responsibly to share the virtues and values of our Sisterhood. Thank you for improving our online presence by promoting the Sorority through your chapter’s social media platforms.

    Dr. Celestine LaVan

    Southeastern Region Undergraduate Chapter Coordinator

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