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The Power of Self-Reflection

24 Jan 2020 9:00 AM | Luvob Brown (Administrator)

The Power of Self Reflection

A lot of times, as leaders we’re expected to always have our lives and affairs in order 100% of the time. It is rare for people to check on leaders just randomly because we’re leaders and in a perfect world, we’d always have it together, but this is not a perfect world. Everyone needs help. I was raised to believe that helping yourself is more powerful than we may realize. So much can happen in a day, and there may not always be time to sit down and process emotions, tasks, and other various happenings in your life. It is important to set aside a time of the day to think about your life and what is going on in it. I take this time to:

  1. Write down tasks need to be completed,

  2. Meditate and Pray, and

  3. Destress.

Self-reflection is the action of holding yourself accountable and taking the time needed to take care of yourself. I believe that accountability and being present goes beyond the base view. Most people hold others accountable, but what they don't do is hold themselves accountable. I think that holding yourself accountable is one of the best traits to possess. Being present not only means being somewhere physically but also mentally. "Being where your feet are," can take you places. Living in the moment is so important because it is a moment never seen and a moment we'll never see again.

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