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22 Tips for First Time Regional Conference Attendees

22 Mar 2019 11:26 AM | Tosha Hawkins (Administrator)

Traveling to a new city or meeting a bunch of new people can be overwhelming, but attending Regional conference will be  one of your favorite memories in Sigma. I know that can seem like, “an easier said than done” situation, but I have 22 ways to make the most out of your weekend in Montgomery!

  1. Wear Comfortable Shoes: It’s great to be cute, but your feet will thank you later if you pack your flats in your purse.

  2. Bring a business appropriate sweater or cardigan: Plenary sessions are NOT the time to rock your custom line jacket or that new bomber jacket you just got in the vendor booth.

  3. Arrive early: Wherever you go there will be a line. You are apart of the largest region in Sigma Gamma Rho! So avoid it as much as possible. Also, Soror Beluah Walker does not play about tardiness.

  4. Be patient: Plenary sessions generally take a good bit of time and you are attending to handle Sigma business. So keep that in mind.

  5. Document your experience: You probably spent a pretty penny on this trip. We want to see you remember it. Post and use the conference hashtags.

  6. Set a budget before you leave: We all got bills to pay. Don’t spend your water bill on nalia.

  7. Don’t forget any medications.

  8. Pack snacks: Again plenary sessions can be long.

  9. Take Pictures with Affiliates & People you don’t know: This conference is not just made up of SGRho members alone. Several businesses and organizations will be present.

  10. Have an open mind.

  11. Network:  Branch outside of your chapter. You see those members all the time. Meet someone new.

  12. Utilize the Network you just made: Networking does not end after an interaction. Stay in contact with everyone you meet.

  13. Take Naps: You’ll understand later.

  14. Be Respectful.

  15. Bring Cash: If you don’t wake up on time, like ever, just go ahead and pack some dollar bills or head to an ATM.

  16. Attend as many Workshops as possible: This is an opportunity to learn so much and bring it back to your city or university.

  17. Be Confident.

  18. Be Kind: We have lots of cultured pearls and older sorors attending so let them go first on elevators or help them get to their destinations. It pays to be kind.

  19. Eat & Drink Responsibly: Y’all know how to act. Remember Sigma Image is EVERYTHING!!

  20. Remember Sigma Image: See below for appropriate attire. (Please don’t get sigma tapped. Bring pantyhose and all necessary undergarments.)

  21. Carry a copy of the conference schedule with you at all times.

  22. Bring a portable charger and or extension cords.

The best and most important tip I can give you is have fun. Let’s paint the city of Montgomery blue and gold and show them how the poodles of SGRho roll! Special thanks to all the members of the Southeastern Region Board of Directors for their tips and suggestions. I hope you all have a beautiful conference!

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