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22 Feb 2019 1:28 PM | Tosha Hawkins (Administrator)

“It’s when things go wrong, we must not quit!”

We have an exceptional sisterhood! That is common knowledge. However, one thing we do not have is a perfect sisterhood… mainly because it does not exist. Whether it’s dealing executing a program, resolving a conflict, or even making a display, it can all get overwhelming at times and not everything you do, or plan will go right. So, what do you do?

First and foremost, REMAIN CALM. It can be easier said than done, but still try your best to remain calm.

Two reasons for remaining calm are:

  1. Hasty decisions, or decisions made out of frustration, will fail due to improper planning.

  2. If  you are unable to calmly communicate the problem, situation or your needs, then your peers cannot offer assistance.

Suggestions to staying or regaining your calmness:

  • Take a deep breath

  • Take a break

    • Walk away from the task for a few hours/days to clear your mind

  • Work out

    • Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, HIIT workouts, running… anything that calms you

  • Find your “happy place”

    • the Mall, the park, climbing a wall, the gym, or a fancy restaurant, etc.

Secondly, seek out help. Sometimes, we may want to do everything on our own; however, that is not always possible. I’ve found that one of the hardest traits of a leader is not leading but learning to reach out and ask for help when needed.  The sorority has a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips; members of our sponsoring graduate chapters, nearby undergraduate chapters, sorors in our regions, to sorors across the world. All it takes is just reaching out for help.

Finally, remember why you started your Sigma journey and let that be your driving force. This spell of things going left, instead of right, is only temporary. Take a break to sit down and write out your reason for choosing this task. On top of that, write out the problem(s) you are experiencing. Brainstorm 3-4 possible solutions to overcome this hurdle. Some problems are easier to solve than we think when we see them on paper.

Yes, things will go wrong! Hurdles and curveballs come when we are least expecting them. Following these tips, you are now able to not only move forward, but also to use these experiences to make your chapter, region and the sorority better in the long run.

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