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23 Feb 2019 1:22 PM | Tosha Hawkins (Administrator)

Hello Soror..., pull up a seat..., and let's talk about something serious! How is your visibility? When was the last time you tabled on campus? What are your chapter members involved in outside of the chapter? How many panels have you been on collectively? What competitions have your members participated in? Pageants! How many Pageants?

Having well-planned events, having quality marketing, are only a part of the picture. Representation is how you get interest who have never heard about our illustrious organization! Representation is how you get the word out about events to people who may have not heard about them. It is so easy to get caught in what I like to call the Greek bubble. The Greek bubble is the comfortability of being in the Greek world where you are already known and respected.  Even though it is easy to discuss our organization with people who have prior knowledge of our org but what about all of the amazing people who don’t? I will discuss in this article three main ways to increase visibility on campus.


At Georgia State, we have events where everyone comes out on the yard to stroll, play music, etc. On most campuses there is something similar whether it be in the dining hall, in the library or wherever there is a lot of traffic repeatedly every week. To increase visibility, you should table and be present at this time on campus. This will develop a subconscious reminder in students that they can count on your chapter to be there. This will also allow you to develop a relationship with students that can be fun loving approachable and will allow students to feel more comfortable to attend events. You want a presence on campus that is dependable, caring and student approved. We NEVER want to be the unapproachable organization on campus!

Panels and competitions

Let’s be honest. There are some organizations on campus that will always get a turnout. They will always attract people and they will always have a connection with students. When you participate in panels and competitions, this opportunity allows you the chance to steal the spotlight and attract people without having to put on your own events. It’s like a cheat code, they tag you in their page, put your logo on their flyer and give you an audience to show your best light. To use this in the most beneficial way, present these events with your social, fun and appealing sorors in colors/ letters. You want someone who will steal the crowd’s hearts and bring attention to Sigma Gamma Rho. Make sure you take pictures and post the involvement.


Pageants are the easiest way to get publicity for your organization with very minimal work for the chapter. I would say if you can be a queen, be a queen , because Sorors we all are queens without a crown anyway. As a pageant queen,  you gain access to create collaborations, attract people to your background, and be able to share the impact a woman of Sigma Gamma Rho has on the community. The visibility options are endless. Even if you do not win, everyone at the pageant has been exposed to you and our organization. The biggest part to make pageants successful is to ensure the chapter is there to help the competitor and support her. When competing, sorors should attend the pageant in colors to show support for the competitor.

Currently, I am running for Miss Kappa Alpha Psi; so help with exposure for my chapter as well as the organization. If you would like to assist me with this goal please donate or share my GoFundMe https://www.gofundme.com/miss-kapsi-7-mychael-holmes

Tips to soror running or thinking about running for pageants –

  1. Do the pageant and don’t give up

  2. Push yourself

  3. Ask for help if you need it

  4. You got this, Queen

Visibility is so important to help sustain and grow the goals of your chapter, for not only interest but to inform people of what Sigma Gamma Rho is and what we are doing for our community.

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