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“3P Plan ”

22 Nov 2018 12:56 AM | Tosha Hawkins (Administrator)

Omicron Gamma Chapter

Georgia State University

“3P Plan ”

Are the events you’re having seem to be rushed, ill prepared and have small turnouts. Let me help you with the 3P plan for Fool proof events. The 3P plans is Pre-Plan, Prepare, and promote! The key to successful events is the power behind preparation.  But how to start planning and when to start planning. Most schools allow a week for each organization to have exposure. Use these weeks to your chapter’s advantage. I will give you 8 tips to lead in preparations of this exposure.

  1. Plan the semester before!

    1. If you know you will be allowed a week the following semester use the semester before as a starting time for planning

  2. Pick a Theme Before the Semester ends

    1. The week should have a theme that is fun, current and relatable

    2. Themes such as ( Tv shows , Movies, Music albums with anything that can be relatable and not played out)

    3. Played out themes include but are not limited to – Military themes , Queens, Around the world, African themes

    4. Think out of the box- use ideas that orgs are not using on your campus, Ideas that haven’t been used in years and Things that can be easily executed.

  3. Create a list of event ideas to vote from

    1. Events should be linked to them and intriguing

    2. Events should be realistic with your campus ( don’t think too big or too small)

    3. Week events should include at least

      1. One promotional event ( a plaza event or somewhere tabling about week events to come)

      2. One social event

      3. Two events that relate to Sorority projects/initiatives

      4. Fundraiser

      5. One event involving outside speaker

      6. One Community service

  4. Vote on events and make develop a plan using an Event proposal model

    1. Event proposal should include and answer all applying questions

      1. Event title and detailed description of the event:

      2. Perspective Date and two alternatives:

      3. Time and two alternatives:

      4. Location you would like to hold the event and two alternatives:

      5. Detailed perspective Budget (what will you need item by item and from where would you like them to be purchased) :

      6. Purpose of the event:

      7. Organization / speaker collaboration:

      8. Organization / speaker contact:

      9. Organization / speakers role in the event (please be as descriptive as possible):

  5. Send all events to advisor for approval on budget

  6. Reserve all the spaces you want as soon as possible to avoid last minute scrambling

  7. Create Flyers with events theme in mind

    1. Should have a week flyer of all the events and flyers for each event

    2. Flyers should include

      1. Week theme ( with a twist to make it relate to the sorority)

      2. Catchy name

      3. Details that can be edited later on

      4. APPEALING captions with hashtags

      5. Eventbrite tickets if social event to get a head count for turn-out

    3. Flyers should be done at least a month in advance of the events so that you will be able to promote at any given time (it is ideal to create flyers as soon as events are approved.)

  8. Promote Promote Promote!

    1. Promotion should begin at least 2 weeks before event week

    2. Promotions should include but not limited to

      1. Handbills

      2. Card/ party sized flyers/handouts (of the week flyer with all events)

      3. Social media blast (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, GroupMe)

      4. Email blast by institution

      5. Dorm storms

      6. Personal invitations to other orgs on campus (non-Greek, scholarly)

      7. Promotional videos (that have been approved by advisors)

Once you have completed these tasks for each week, you can focus on small details and create a foolproof plan to attack each event. This will give you a time to allow Sorors to sign up for task and allow you to promote to receive the Exposure you will need and desire. Remember The 3P plan allows for successful events and less stress on sorors who are prepared.

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