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22 Oct 2018 3:36 AM | Tosha Hawkins (Administrator)

You are the Brand!

Our social media timelines are inundated with impeccably dressed, faultlessly poised, and perfectly captured photos of members across the D9 family. We are both awed and annoyed by their seemingly mastered art of photography. Angles, lighting and outfits always on point. Greeks and non-Greeks are drawn in to their post, click like, and follow the hashtag. Do they wake up like this? No. They have simply become experts at promoting their brand.

Sororities and fraternities are always recruiting. Social media platforms are expected to be used to promote positive images of the organization. Your social media post should be intentional and calculated. Think: Would this post increase interest in Sigma Gamma Rho? The turnout at your next informal rush is a direct result of your marketing and branding efforts. The work you put into perfecting your image, marketing and branding efforts will pay off in increased membership.  

We have the resources that you need to work on improving your image and branding. Take time to review “Sigma Style: Image & Style Guide” and “Social Media Policy” with all the information you needed to know for effective branding and responsible social media use as it relates to upholding our brand standard.


Tips to Social Media Success:

  1. Be intentional – have a purpose posting that is linked to a chapter goal, event, initiative or to garner interest.

  2. Establish a Social Media committee to develop a social media / branding plan.

  3. Assign the Epistoleus or Webmistress to manage the site(s).

  4. Take, retake the picture until everyone portrays the sorority in a good light.

  5. Post with the intent to recruit.

  6. Always post with a hashtag - establish common hashtags to use in all chapter social media posts

  7. Use your social media accounts to show what being member of Sigma Gamma Rho is all about. Emphasize the positive aspects of sorority life. Be sure your spelling, grammar and hyperlinks are correct.

Each chapter should use social media intentionally and responsibly to share the virtues and values of our Sisterhood. Thank you for improving our online presence by promoting the Sorority through your chapter’s social media platforms.

Dr. Celestine LaVan

Southeastern Region Undergraduate Chapter Coordinator

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